Life. Art. Midnight Snacks.

Courtney and Colin.

What a crazy weekend! My fingers are actually cramped….which I guess is a good thing but I didn’t even know that was possible! Chris and I did a lot of fun things this weekend- we had our friends over for a BBQ on Friday night. And Saturday I spent the first half of the day on my friend’s couch just being lazy (best thing ever) and eating pizza. The second half was spent walking around the cute little town of Clifton. We even hit up the cutest ice cream shop I have ever seen there….blackberry lemonades are good….

The Ruebling family wanted to give some pictures to Grandma this year as a fun, surprise Mother’s Day present….so off to Algonkian Park we go to get some cute shots of Courtney and Colin. It was a lot of fun- Courtney was so photogenic and I think it’s safe to say that about half of my pictures of Colin are of him upside down 🙂  He likes to climb everything so I just went with it…I figured…hey thats Colin! Here are few of my favorites from the day:



I love this picture because it is *so* very much Courtney and Colin. Since Colin was upside down the whole time, and Courtney kept chasing after him, I wanted to make sure I got a few shots of them together. So I told them to pretend they like each other and this is what I got.



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