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The Manors.


The Manors are our best friends. We have been through dating, marriage, first apartments, pets, houses, holidays, fights, cars, and basically anything that involves growing up together. However the latest life change has been the addition of the newest Manor, Hayden. You might remember her from a previous post not too long ago….it involved Hayden eating markers…

Well, this past Saturday, I spent the day on their couch, while Ryan did his husbandly errands, Jess and I watched some trashy TV and cleaned (well…she cleaned while I watched and ate ice cream 🙂 )  After dinner we took a drive down to Clifton, VA to take some cute pics of little Hayden.  This girl was so much fun to shoot considering she was literally just playing and laughing the entire time! My favorite is that the ENTIRE day, Hayden completely refused to wear any clothes. She wanted to be naked with nothing on but a diaper and shoes. It was the funniest thing- we kept calling her “White Trash Baby” haha. Well Jess had this really cute dress we wanted to get her into, but figured the chances of getting Hayden aka White Trash Baby to put on a dress were slim to none. We lucked out and with some crafty trickery we got her in and I am SO glad we did because I just don’t think the pictures would have been nearly as cute without the dress!!! Anyways…enough babbling….time for pictures! I try to only post 1 or 2 pictures each time but it was seriously too hard to choose!

White Trash Baby





I posted this because this exact same picture was taken about a year ago….only Hayden was so small that she couldn’t even see over the baby swing. Now look!!! Why am I am foreseeing Jessi scrapbooking a Before/After page of this 🙂




Miss Hayden Elizabeth Manorh11


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  1. LOVE your photographs!!!!

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