Life. Art. Midnight Snacks.

You Can’t Scare Me.


Took some pictures awhile ago at Chris’ mom’s house….I gave this little charm to her while Chris and I were living there before we bought our house. Even though all her “real” kids were out of college, she had a house packed. Chris lived there, along with his best friend (whose name is also Chris), and both of their girlfriends, Ashley and I. On top of this his sister practically lived there, plus two 100lb. dogs….then add in all of our friends whenever we invited them over. It became a pretty jam packed house at times! We used to joke that it was like living in a frat house with all the people in and out! We even had keg parties….haha.

Anyways, I found this at a local thrift shop for $1 and gave it to her while we were living there. I am not sure how we didn’t drive her crazy with all of our partying at the time, but somehow she managed to put up with the 4 of us living in her house! Thank you Momma W!!!



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