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Eiley Lin : : 3 Months


It seems like just yesterday I was in the waiting room with the Lemire family at Reston Hopsital, just waiting and waiting for baby Eiley to be born. No. I take that back. It seems like just yesterday we got the news that the Lemires were pregnant….AGAIN! Haha…well after 9 months of waiting what a crazy day February 3rd was. The three of us just camped out in the room anxious for the real contractions to start kicking in! Well they definitely came and I remember thinking that there was no way I was going to go through THAT. Definitely not my idea of fun. No thanks. I’ll just be over where it’s safe…taking pictures.

Of course once we heard the first cry, how fast all the memories of labor pains seem to disappear! (okay so not really but for like 5 minutes I forgot) So now, here we are 3 months later…so crazy how fast they change after just a few months!! At three months she is now smiling and discovering her personality, and it’s sooo cute! Last week, I did a 3 month session with Eiley…here are a few of the favorites…Matt and Rach….I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!!!! And Bryan and Mary….YOU ARE NEXT!!!! 🙂

IMG_9182 copy


IMG_9180 copy


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