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Ann + Ken :: Sounds Perfect!

IMG_0663cropIt is such a strange feeling to be doing an engagement session for your best friend. Kind of surreal like- is she really getting married? But how are we going to have sleepovers and hang out in our PJ’s eating pizza and Phish Food ice cream? Well, sure enough she is…so here goes…

Ann and Ken are getting married next June at Congressional Country Club and I cannot wait for this wedding! From the moment they met at a Brad Paisley concert, they both knew that everything about this relationship was different. And sure enough, after a New  Years Eve proposal at Ann’s family’s home in Skytop, they are now busy planning away an amazing summer wedding! 

Watch Ann and Ken in a room for about 15 minutes and you will instantly see why they are getting married. Ann is very outgoing, and has a crazy loud fun and opinionated personality….(she is Italian) while Ken….well….Ken just wants to surf all day! Ken is the most laid back and easy going person I have met in a while. Together they make such cute and fun couple to be around!

I wanted to do a casual and fun engagement session that would really reflect each of their personalities. So when the idea of doing the engagement session at the Outer Banks came up- I was beyond excited! Not only does her family have a beach house there, but one of Ken’s dreams is to someday own his own surf shop (coolest idea EVER!) So in the end, doing a session at the beach made perfect sense. 

It was such a fun day! Chris came along with a bag of Coronas for Ken to “get him through it” and we literally just hung out and took pictures all around Corolla, NC. Starting out at the beachouse, then through the neighborhood, a cute shopping center, an ice cream shop, and we ended with Ann and Ken popping open some champagne on the beach at sunset. Perfection. 🙂

As always…here are some favorites! Enjoy!








there were definitely some whistles and shouts from our friends during this shot who were watching from afar 😉



The Zigo Beachhouse





one of my favorites of the day. same smile since we were 5 🙂




another one of my favorites








sunset walk


notice how Ann’s dress matches the sunset??? considering how cloudy the day was it was an unplanned but fun surprise!


i love the next series of pictures!








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  1. * Kristi says:

    I love these! Great job and great variety!

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  2. * Tracy says:

    Yay! Awesome job 🙂

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    thank you tracy!!! 🙂

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