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Hydrangeas + Fried Green Tomatoes


They are finally here!!! Every summer our hydrangeas bloom and they just get bigger and more beautiful every year. For some strange reason, half of our hydrangea bush is a dark purple/blue, and the other half is magenta….I know zero about gardening so I’m not sure why that happens but it sure looks pretty!



I am actually headed on a roadtrip to Atlanta tomorrow to my first wedding as a photographer and not a guest! I am SO excited for the opportunity that Kristi has given me to come and help out with this wedding, and will be sure to post a recap when I get back. I am nervous and excited all at the same time but I am just going to have fun and enjoy the experience! (and lets be honest I really want to try some good ole southern food! Fried green tomatoes here I come!  :-D)


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