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Well I am back from Atlanta and had a great time! It was quite the eventful weekend….walking around downtown, trying chicken liver and grits, mountain biking, and of course….shooting a wedding! 

I have to say thank you to Kristi for sharing your apartment, the 10 hour conversation on the drive there, a chance to shoot alongside you, and for showing me all Atlanta has to offer!!! 🙂

Saturday was literally one big adrenalin rush. A thirteen hour adrenalin rush….so many different emotions of excitement and nervousness going on all at once- I barely slept I was so paranoid that I was going to forget something….batteries fully charged….CF cards formatted….did I remember to pack my camera? haha…I love weddings because it’s one of the only days in a person’s life where they can cry, be happy, get angry, be nervous, and excited all in one day. And by the next day, it is all a big blur. A dream that you aren’t sure really happened. And THAT is why I want to shoot weddings. To document all those crazy, stirred up emotions that can only be brought out by a wedding day. 

Some favorites: amazing graffiti art, cheesy grits/fried green tomatoes/fried okra, mountain biking on Yellow River, practicing flash at 1am, and The Flying Biscuit!

Well here is a bit of what I have been up to this past weekend!


The King


Atlanta-1-2ice cream shop. red velvet cake and nutella ice cream is all i am going to say.






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  1. * Kristi says:

    I had such a blast! Thanks for coming down and hanging out for the weekend. Tina wants you to come back!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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