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A Day In The Life :: Slideshow!

This morning I thought I would share a slideshow I made a few weeks back for the Pisterzi Family! They welcomed me into their home to document “A Day In The Life” with Al and his three kids  Gabrielle, Nicole, and Dominic. These kids are cute as can be and I love how they interacted with dad. We started out with lunch at home, then just played in their backyard, which led us into going shopping at Justice (it’s like Forever 21 for younger girls!) and finally going boating at a dock in Ashburn.

Day In The Life Sessions are one of my most favorite things to do! I just think it’s so great to capture a family just being themselves….no “done up hair”….no studio setting….I love to see families in pajamas, making breakfast, cuddling on the couch, and really just living everyday life.

So I will stop typing now and let you take a look! If anyone is interested in doing a “Day In The Life” Session just email me at and we can chat!!!

Also (last thing I swear!) if you missed the last slideshow I posted of  the “Girls Day Day In The Life”  with Daniella and her mom, Rochi, you can view that here as well.

View the Pisterzi Family’s Day In the Life Session here!

and i can’t have a blog post without a picture! so here is a picture of Daniella from our fun girls day 🙂



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