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Delaware :: Maiden Weekend!!!


a small little taste of what Maiden Weekend entailed.

B. Moore; Woman. Mother. Friend. Maiden.

(now look closely….and read what is written in the sand under her butt…SMELL….(i will leave the second word out for family viewing purposes…hahaha)

Hi blog world! I have been busy up to my eyeballs lately but I thought I would give you a little taste of what I was up to this weekend. This weekend my best friend (hi Cary!) and I met in Delaware with her mom and her mom’s best friend to have Maiden Weekend.

What is Maiden Weekend, you ask? It is basically the married version of a Girls Weekend. It is when us girls need a break from work, life…but especially…husbands!!! (I know there are people out there that know what I am talking about! 🙂 ) So we all get together….we basically eat well, sleep alot, drink even more….and just have FUN! I spent about 97% of this weekend in my pajamas and it was amazing 🙂

oh…and the name “Maiden Weekend” ….we all go by our maiden names for the weekend! Yes, silly, I know. But I love it! Enjoy!


disclaimer: there were 2 boys there but they were one of the maiden’s sons so they didn’t count. they were required to participate in maiden’s weekend as well.





meet maiden katrina.





this would be us “sneaking” the very nice living room couch into the family room at about 3 in the morning….



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