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She’s Got A Way About Her…


This past weekend I got to celebrate my friend getting engaged at her engagement party at Fairfax County Country Club.  It was the sweetest celebration complete with the sound of champagne glasses tinking every so often…while old classic love songs played from the pianist in the corner of the room. Ann and Ken greeted their guests, laughed, drank their share of champagne and just soaked in every moment. A few toasts, some damn good food, and lots of pictures later….it was time for the night to end and a few of us retreated back to her parent’s house for the after party.

Just like the old days.



the next two pictures are annie’s reactions to her dad’s toast…





isn’t he handsome! caught him gazing at his grandaughter 🙂 




mary, becky, and me!




sweet moment with her grandfather



and now…the after party…which included everybody in the kitchen singing out hearts out to Billy Joel…


*my favorite*



even Louie joined in on the party!



meet Mr. Zigo…




and if you didn’t already see it, you can check out their engagement session we did in the Outer Banks here!


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