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StickWolts :: 26.2


never seen this many shoes in my house at one time….

Last Sunday over 40,000 people gathered in DC to participate in the annual Marine Corp Marathon. Some of us ran, some of us cheered on, and some of us just met up for the cocktails and food afterward, but everyone had an awesome time at what has become the newest family tradition the last few years. 

I guess I should explain StickWolts. You see, unlike all those stories you hear about girls having to deal with their crazy in-laws, I am actually quite obsessed with mine 🙂 (even thought they still are crazy)….I always feel that I am so lucky in that department, and it just makes me all excited to think that I get to spend forever with them- holidays and celebrations and everything that families do! But anyways…I’m babbling….back to the point….what is a StickWolt….

So there are the Sticklers and the Wolterings. It’s an extremely tight-knit family filled with love and filled even more with teasing, harassment, and practical jokes (Mark and Mike!!!) but over the years the Sticklers and the Wolterings have pretty much become one family aka The StickWolts. It would be weird to think of them as extended family, so StickWolts just made sense. Still not sure who came up with it…

There were a few things that were different this year than in the past. For one, we were missing our fearless leader, Ryan, the one who started this crazy tradition (I mean honestly, what family runs 26.2 miles for fun???) He couldn’t make it out this year but we definitely had him in spirit! Another thing that was different is because my mother-in-law has now moved to Ohio (another decision which I did not pre-approve!) that meant that our house has now become the house that everyone meets at, eats at, sleeps at, and basically moves in to  for 3 days- it was 3 days of  people in and out, passing out on couches, family style dinners, 3 dogs that tried to sabatoge us, and basically just loud, insane, family chaos!!! Exactly how I like it 🙂

We literally had about 20 people in our house at one point, all eating as much pasta and bread as their stomachs could handle. We had many marathon veterans and even a few first timers. I think the only thing everyone had in common was their anxious nerves. Regardless, the marathon came and it ended up being a beautiful day and every single one of my friends and cousins crossed the finish line- so proud!!! I took a few shots at Mile 19 as we saw the runners pass by….

So meet the marathoners!!! I wish I had gotten everyone but here are a few:

First came Megan who looked WAY to excited to have run 19 Miles at this point….


Then came her husband Josh…who has to live with the fact that his wife beat him…. 🙂


hey look- it’s my husband!!! (thanks Travis for the next pic)


Love this picture of Matt


this is what Mark was doing while his brother and sister were running…




after the marathon, we all retreated back to the house where we basically made the entire living room floor into one giant bed. Chris and I actually do this every once in awhile for a “date night”…we make the floor into a bed and have a “sleepover”- it’s fun!!! Between the bed, our dining room table, and the couch, we all watched movies all night, and just PASSED OUT.




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