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The Lemire Family :: Holy Water + Vow Renewals!

rachel and matt having fun with their kids as they wait for the baptismal ceremony to begin.

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day as family and friends piled into the church to witness the baptism of Aiden + Eiley (both have been on the blog numerous times) and help them start their journey as “Children of God” as the priest put it.

However, it didn’t end there. Afterwards….we all shifted from the alter to the small little sweet chapel in the back of the church to do a vow renewal ceremony for Matt and Rachel. It has been 5 years!!! And ohhh how much has changed! First off, 5 years ago….Aiden and Eiley were not even around. They had moved into Rachel’s parents house temporarily and both going to school and working random jobs to get by. Fast forward a few years, and they have bought their first house, had their second baby, and have both graduated from college. And though I do miss those days of eating Dairy Queen on the couch in her parent’s basement every night…..I could not be happier for them!!

Congratulations to the Lemire Family- I’m sure there will be many more beginnings and ends!

this church was beautiful!!

little eiley trying to figure my camera out

aiden is a HAM.

i know i’m 5….i couldn’t help myself πŸ™‚

i love these next two. the first one is aiden getting “in trouble”…the second one is aiden’s reaction. i can’t remember exactly what he was doing but i believe he was singing FA LA LA LA LAAA….fairly loudly πŸ™‚

hi Colemans!

and now the vow renewal….

rachel slipped into this amazing purple chiffon dress for the ceremony…


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