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The Sticklers:: Mike, Lori, Brady, and Peggy Pancake!!!

The crazy thing is that they started dating in high school. Even crazier is that now…who knows how many years later….Mike and Lori have graduated college, bought their first home, and have just had their second child. It’s the stuff out of the movies. The entire family is like one really good looking episode of The Brady Bunch. I mean really- either be good looking, or be really good at all sports. But you aren’t allowed to be BOTH. (and when I am talking good looking I am actually talking about Lori- sorry Mike 🙂 )

Okay I have gone wayyy off track here….so like I was saying….this family is especially near and dear to my heart….because they are part of this family and this family! They are one of those families that just know how to balance being married, raising kids, and having FUN!! Definitely something that I hope to learn how to do someday far far away 😉

Anyways, we scheduled a lifestyle session while in Florida and the kids were just too cute that I went a little overboard with the picture taking. Especially with little Mackenzie (i’m a sucker for girls) So this is a little longer post than usual, but enjoy!

Mike and Lori- thanks for letting me stalk your children with my camera for two weeks- till next year!!!

here is Brady- so cute at just 4 months!!!

Her real name is Mackenzie….her parents call her Mackie…..

us aunts call her Peggy Pancake 🙂

Peggy decided she was going to go everywhere with her new Christmas presents including her new backpack for school!

Brady and Aunt Kim


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  1. * Mom says:

    You caught them! As usual! I can see their little personalities screaming through your photos. Keep up the great work my little brown-eyed girl. Love you!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
  2. * astrid says:

    haha- they were too easy to photograph! i can’t wait to show everyone the rest! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

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