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Blog :: Last Post

i am excited to announce that i have a new blog and new website!

this is officially my last post on this blog- it was a great blog to start with….but i have moved on to bigger and better 🙂

new website:

new blog:

see ya over there!



Starlight :: Winter Gala Toast To The Stars!

I am happy when my photography gets to help a good cause. Starlight helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities. This year, I was asked to donate my photography services to their Winter Gala Starlight Auction and am excited to be donating a lifestyle session for a good cause. To participate with this great organization, and have a fun night out in DC, read the info below. Today is the last day to purchase tickets!!!

Starlight Children’s Foundation’s MidAtlantic, Young Professional Council (YPC), Toast To The Stars, Winter Gala!

This extraordinary event is sponsored by Washington Life Magazine and held at the newly opened, District, Saturday, February 20, 2010 from 7:30-11:15P with an OPEN BAR, hors d’oeuvres and sweets (VIP after party starting at 11:15P).

All funds raised from this evening will go to support Starlight MidAtlantic’s regional efforts.

Tickets are on sale at

Ticket Details for online purchases by 3 PM Friday are as follows:
$100 – General Admission with open bar and specialty drinks
$130 – VIP Tickets also include: Second Level Balcony Access for After Party, Swag Bag and Discounted Bottle Service

VIP Table Service Details:
Starlight Specials: Packages include a complimentary bottle of Moet White Star
Option 1: 2 bottles of Stoli for $300
Option 2: 2 bottles of Grey Goose for $400
Additional bottle options offered.
*Gratuity not included
To reserve a table please email Bethany at
Only VIP ticket holders can access VIP section and bottle services. We have 3 tables remaining.

DRESS CODE: Party Cocktail Chic (not black tie)

All online tickets must be purchased by 3 PM Friday, February 19 after which time any leftover tickets will be sold at the door:

130 Admission
155 VIP Access, Swag, After party

Live Entertainment will include a performance by Kaution Dance Krew, local artistic magician Josh Norris with a highlighted performance by up and coming local hip-hop artist Cayan.

Silent Auction

Part of an international network, Starlight Mid-Atlantic helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities in Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. This past year, the foundation partnered with 154 hospitals and treatment centers; and helped more than 216,000 children and families.

A 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, the Starlight Children’s Foundation offers a comprehensive menu of programs and services to provide entertainment, education, support and other activities for children with serious and life-threatening medical conditions and for their families. These prolonged illnesses are painful, frightening, and isolate them from other children. Starlight’s programs make a wonderful difference in their lives.

February 17, 1983:: Birthday Morning!

hello all!

sorry i have been so mia lately, i have been very busy and i promise it will be worth the wait! in the meantime- today is my birthday!! 🙂 i am officially 27 and have the day off so i have been having a fun morning to myself!

first- got a really cute card from G-Ma!

and if you’ve never met G-Ma…well here she is! this is aunt leith, g-ma, and my mom the day before our rehearsal putting together my centerpieces for the wedding!

wearing my favorite necklace inspired by Sex and The City with my pajamas this morning…

then i decided…..what better way to start your birthday morning than with….

it was time for me to de-virginize (yes it is a word) our WAFFLE MAKER!! this was my christmas present from husband and i have yet to use it!

first we start with some flour mix….

add some agua…..

olive oil…oh god how i love olive oil….

the one handed egg crack. not recommended for beginners.

my awesome manicure.

in the meantime, get your toppings ready!!!

first up: coconut syrup straight from hawaii. (made in china?)

this syrup alone was worth the trip.

real new hampshire maple syrup. it’s just the right thing to do.

strawberry topping just speaks to me in ways even my husband doesn’t understand.

lots and lots of buttah. you can’t have a birthday without buttah.

gotta go hang out with my friends now.

and my boyfriend. 🙂

xoxoxoxo have a great day! 🙂

Hi Friend!

Love you! 😛

What Dreams Are Made Of

simmer chicken broth, cooked italian sausage, uncooked penne pasta, diced tomatoes, italian seasonings, paprika.

when noodles are cooked, add in handfuls and handfuls of spinach (because what is better for you!).

finally, top with goat cheese and/or parmesan, and fresh scallions.

and this, my friends, is what dreams are made of.

italian sausage soup topped fresh goat cheese.

The Sticklers:: Mike, Lori, Brady, and Peggy Pancake!!!

The crazy thing is that they started dating in high school. Even crazier is that now…who knows how many years later….Mike and Lori have graduated college, bought their first home, and have just had their second child. It’s the stuff out of the movies. The entire family is like one really good looking episode of The Brady Bunch. I mean really- either be good looking, or be really good at all sports. But you aren’t allowed to be BOTH. (and when I am talking good looking I am actually talking about Lori- sorry Mike 🙂 )

Okay I have gone wayyy off track here….so like I was saying….this family is especially near and dear to my heart….because they are part of this family and this family! They are one of those families that just know how to balance being married, raising kids, and having FUN!! Definitely something that I hope to learn how to do someday far far away 😉

Anyways, we scheduled a lifestyle session while in Florida and the kids were just too cute that I went a little overboard with the picture taking. Especially with little Mackenzie (i’m a sucker for girls) So this is a little longer post than usual, but enjoy!

Mike and Lori- thanks for letting me stalk your children with my camera for two weeks- till next year!!!

here is Brady- so cute at just 4 months!!!

Her real name is Mackenzie….her parents call her Mackie…..

us aunts call her Peggy Pancake 🙂

Peggy decided she was going to go everywhere with her new Christmas presents including her new backpack for school!

Brady and Aunt Kim

Randoms Thoughts On A Sunday Night.

i am fortunate enough that i have a network of girl photographers that i can turn to when i need to. when i feel the need to vent my frustrations about my technological ignorance, gossip about hot italian men that don’t exist in real life, need to laugh, learn, or be inspired by… these girls are there. there are many many of these girls …too many to name…but one in particular is kristi odom. you may remember her from last year when i shot one of my most favorite weddings to date! kristi has helped me in so many ways…not only with my photography business but with my sanity too (and trust me there have been days where i question WTF was i thinking starting a photography business!!!???)

needless to say, i am excited to be shooting more with her for the upcoming 2010 season!  i spent some time with kristi in the past few days….and got to have fun taking some random pictures with her dog. thought i would share!

kristi- don’t kill me….you look beautiful! 🙂

I Love Fridays < 3

A little late…but oh well. I just found this picture and decided I must blog it immediately!

I love the colors, the mess, and the random baby passed out on the floor. Not sure why, but this is my favorite Christmas picture from this year…..I feel like this picture could have been taken in the 80’s and it would have looked just the same.

Just had to share….now I will go back to editing a wedding, two lifestyle sessions, creating three slideshows, and eating my BELGIUM DARK CHOCOLATE WAFERS on my white couch. I love Fridays 🙂


As you plan your course for 2010, talk to your mentor(s).  Mentors can be teachers, colleagues, clients, counselors,  or spouses/partners.  Mentors inspire the best versions of you, your art and your creative business.  They are who you trust to tell you when you are off and who refuse to let you quit when you are not but think you are.  No matter the plan you come up with, there is always room for constructive criticism.  Turning a deaf ear to those who will never get it is a requirement, but to those that do is just foolish.  Going down the right road the wrong way is so much better than going down the wrong road the right way.  Your mentor will know the difference.


TGIF: Last Day!!!

Last day for the promotion!!! I have lots of sessions booking up so letting me know if you want me to take your pictures!!! 🙂

busy busy day but just wanted to stop by and say HIIII!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!